Redskins Vs. Ravens: Studs and Duds

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Redskins Vs. Ravens: Studs and Duds The final preseason game of the summer is usually much ado about nothing - except for those guys fighting for a job on the 53-man roster. Thursday night's game was very ugly on both sides of the football White D.J. Swearinger Jersey , but that is often to be expected when second, third and fourth teamers play a lot of minutes. Below are my Studs and Duds of the game, followed up by some notes.Studs:Rob Kelley - As pretty much everyone expected, Rob Kelley came out and showed up when he needed to most (albeit against the Ravens reserves), virtually guaranteeing himself a spot on the 53-man roster (hey, gotta give credit where credit is due).He had 11 rushes for 49 yards and caught two passes for 14 yards. He even showed some burst to the outside on his touchdown run late in the second quarter that was called back for holding. Most importantly, he didn’t fumble. He did drop a ball that was right in his hands down by the goalline, but we all know he’s not a receiver.De’Veon Smith - Smith looked explosive on his seven carries. The screen pass he took for a touchdown was beautiful! I don’t think he’s got a shot to make the roster, but this could be a great audition for another team looking for some running back depth. Trey Quinn - Quinn was a consistent target for Kevin Hogan when he was in the game, showing the ability to run good routes to get open and catch the ball in traffic underneath. He was good in the open field after the reception as well, and was very good on special teams. He’s a lock to make this roster. Simmie Cobbs Jr. - All this guy does is show up week after week. He led all Redskins receivers with 75 yards on three catches. He’s likely destined for the practice squad, but he has a future in the league; if not here, somewhere. J.P. Holtz - The fullback/tight end made some excellent lead block to spring the running backs for nice gains. He also lined up in-line and stoned his man on a few occassions. Holtz caught two passes for 11 yards and a touchdown. He’s really going to give the coaching staff something to think about regarding the 53-man roster.Ryan Anderson - Anderson played very well against the Ravens reserves, collecting four tackles (3 solo), one of which was for a loss, and assisted on the Pete Robertson sack. He looked fast White Adrian Peterson Jersey , active and showed a non-stop motor. He also looked pretty good when asked to drop in a zone. Excellent game for the second year OLB. Hopefully this can translate to the regular season. Shaun Dion Hamilton -Hamilton was juked pretty bad and missed a tackle on the Ravens first drive of the game. Outside of that, I though he played very well. He was aggressive in filling gaps, collecting a few tackles for a loss, and made a very nice play down by the goalline. He should have a nice role this fall with the team, and may be the future at inside linebacker. Tim Settle - Settle continued his disruptive preseason Thursday night. He may not have stuffed the stat sheet, but he was a force inside, and looked unblockable on some plays. I loved his stunt in the second quarter where he lined up as a 3-technique on the right side, looped around the left defensive end, and absolutely destroyed the left tackle attempting to block him while he put pressure on the quarterback. This kid was a draft-day steal!Duds:Kevin Hogan - Hogan played the entire game, and looked uncomfortable for the majority ofit. Granted, his offensive line was pretty bad in pass protection, but some of the decisions he made were just head-scratching. The interception into triple coverage was awful.Tony Bergstrom - The veteran center played a very poor game against the Ravens reserves on Thursday night. He was pushed into the backfield on multiple occasions, and was PARTIALLY responsible for the Perine fumble. If it wasn’t for his versatility, we wouldn’t even be talking about him possible making the team’s 53. Geron Christian - Christian struggled in pass protection at left tackle. There were times when he just looked completely lost out there. He’s clearly not ready to contribute this year. Martrell Spaight - For as good as Spaight looked last week, he was equally as bad last night against the Ravens. He missed multiple tackles in the hole, and looked sluggish overall. If the team keeps five linebackers , he has a shot. If not, his time as a Redskin is over. Fish Smithson - Smithson just takes horrible angles to the football and doesn’t do much when he gets there. This was evident on the touchdown by Mayle in the third quarter. He’s an ankle-diver who misses way too many tackles. Dustin Hopkins - A 37 yard missed field goal...seriously? your ONLY job is to kick!Notes: - Apparently Apke can’t cover a TE either. He was burnt down the seam by fellow rookie Mark Andrews who got inside of him, and beat him downfield. - Bibbs is a great receiver out of the backfield, and is very good at blitz pick-up. He should make the team over Rob Kelley just for this.- The fumble by Perine was not good, but that attempted block by Bergstrom may have been even worse. I don’t think Perine was expecting that...but still, you NEED to protect the football.- T.J. Clemmings looked very rusty at right tackle. He had some good plays, and some bad ones. I think his job is in jeopardy.- Nice interception by Texada - talk about being in the right place at the right time...- Jerod Fernandez continues to make splash plays. I’d really like to see this kid on the practice squad.- Adonis Alexander had an up-and-down game. He missed some tackles, and that was concerning, but he also showed his great length on some plays in coverage.The 5 O’Clock Club: Wildly celebrating the results of the inaugural Matt Shaub Pick-6 Prediction contest The 5 o’clock club is published Wednesday to Saturday during the season, and aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.The contestPrior to the opening game of the season, the 5 o’clock club sponsored a prediction contest.Entrants had to correctly predict the records for six teams through the first three weeks of the season.As a tie-breaker, entrants had to predict the Redskins point differential (+/-) through the first three weeks.Here are the actual results:Eagles 2-1Cowboys 1 - 2Giants 1 - 2Browns 1 - 1 - 1Vikings1 - 1 - 1Patriots 1 - 2Redskins point differential: +20That’s right... 5 of our 6 teams have mustered only a single win so far in the 2018 season, and the Eagles are the only team in the contest to record two victories.No one who entered the contest saw that coming.In my personal predictions from the contest article, I correctly predicted the records for the Eagles and Patriots, and I got the win-total correct for the Vikings.So, counting win-totals Youth Da'Ron Payne Jersey , I would have scored 3 points; based on exact record predictions, I would have scored 2 points.Neither would have been good enough to win, and several people outscored me.Now it’s time to unveil and celebrate the winner(s).The conundrumBefore I do, though, I’d like to point out that two of the six teams that were part of the contest (the Browns and Vikings) each had a tie in the first 3 weeks, which had an effect on the contest, since no one predicted ties, and in my article setting up the contest I implied that ties wouldn’t be part of it.I saw two possibilities to resolving this conundrum: 1. I could give a point to anyone who correctly predicted the total wins for the Vikings & Browns (which several people did) instead of correctly predicting their actual records (whichno one did).2. I could simply give no points to anyone for the Browns or Vikings, since no one predicted the ties.Good newsAs it turned out, I didn’t really have any difficult decision to make, because either method gave me the same results.Multiple people tied for the same score, which moved us to the tie-breaker.Only one entrant, McLovinLife, correctly picked the Redskins to have a +20 point differential, but he was one point behind the leaders, so he was not involved in the tie breaking portion.Depending on the scoring method used Youth Jordan Reed Jersey , I had either an 8-way tie or a 10-way tie for first place.And the winner is...Going to the tie breaker, two entrants who tied for first place in the contest had projected +18 point differential, making them the closest of the first-place finishers to the actual number of +20.Also, both entrants tied for first in both methods because — not only had they both predicted a +18 point differential — the two entrants had made identical picks for all 6 teams as well.Given the fact that the NFL had a tie in each of the first two weeks of the season, and that our contest involved a team from each of those two draws, it seems fitting to simply declare the Pick-6 contest a tie as well.I give you, then, our co-champions:tao9087 and sunshine_skins Results for all entrantsHere is a summary of the outcomes.The top chart rewards entrants for getting the correct number of wins (max possible score of 6), while the bottom chart rewards only getting the team’s record exactly correct (a max score of 4).Getting the number of wins rightGetting the records exactly rightI’d like to congratulate our co-champions, sunshine_skins and tao9087 who managed to play to a draw.Browns and Vikings fans appreciate your efforts as well.You may brag about your achievement in the comments section of the 5 o’clock club posts until kickoff of the Saints game on MNF next week, at which point you will no longer be able to brag about your cousin-kissing level of achievement.Additionally, you may, if you wish, add the following to your signature line in perpetuity:“I tied for first place in the 2018 inaugural Matt ShaubPick-6 prediction contest”I’d also like to thank all 25 readers who took the time to participate in this contest. It’s nice to have something to celebrate this week while the Redskins are enjoying a week off from football. Custom Washington Redskins Jerseys

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